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Project Description

Words Via Subtitle makes it easier for English Learners to learn new words in TV shows or movies.This program can extract English words from a subtitle file(like .srt or .ass) and explain what the words mean in your native laguage. You'll no longer have to look up the dictionary. It's developed in C#.

How to use this program


Use the open button to open some subtitle file, by now we only support srt, ass and txt. But you can implement your own file parser to extend it as a plugin, we’ll talk about that later in another article.

This is how it looks like after I opened a subtitle file for “Two and a half men S08E03” and selected one of the words that they use in this eppisode.


We can see that the explanation of the word “pricky” is shown in the right side of the window, the explanation is provided by And of cource you can implement your own translator as a plugin, take the “Local Dictionary” as an instance, it is a plugin that I wrote which includes GRE and TOEFL words.

Click the “Known” button will remove the selected word from the list, and record it in a text file. The next time you open another subtitle file, the text file will be used as a filter to keep the known words from showing up in the list.

You can choose a video file and play it in this program, but not like a regular video player, this program plays the video only for a duration of time in which the selected word is said by a character in the show.

For example, the word “prickly” is said in the sentence “You know, Charlie may be prickly and crusty”, so when I click the “Play” button, the program will play the video for only about 2 seconds during which time John Cryer said that sentence. This is how it looks like when playing video:


So that is pretty much all you need to know to use it, have fun learning English!

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